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We Want to PERSONALLY Work With You In Your Business To Help You Gain Control of Your Online Lead Gen & Explode Your Income In Just Next 60 Days!

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How often have you caught yourself stuck in the labyrinth of digital marketing, battling tech instead of championing your dreams?

Allow me to paint you a new, delightful picture — a life of freedom and flourishing, where the heavy lifting of tech is a task of the past. Yes, you read it right!

No more tinkering with tech each day, no more late-night battles with elusive leads and no more sleepless nights wondering where your next batch of customers are coming from.

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From The Desk Of Jonathan Lautermilch

As the owner of Smart Shark, I'm here to introduce you to your ultimate sidekick — Smart Marketing. We're not just another software company.

We're a spirited team of entrepreneurs who know a thing or two about marketing, we’re personal mentors when it comes to customer acquisition and scaling.

We’re here to be your one stop shop from one business owner to another when it comes to operating, running and scaling your business..

Take A Sneak Peek Inside...

The smart marketing MASTERMIND

From Our Director of Funnels

Watch this video to learn more about Smart Marketing Mastermind and why we decided to launch this for you!

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Join the Smart Marketing Mastermind Community

Winning Together in Business and Life Every Week

  • Collective Wisdom: Connect, Network & Mastermind With Other Business Owners From All Across The Globe..

  • Weekly Marketing Ramp Up Calls: Weekly coaching calls focused on proven marketing/sales strategies you can implement into your business IMMEDIATELY!

  • Weekly Smart Labs Calls: Weekly coaching calls on all things TECH related when it comes to marketing, scaling and automating.

  • Monthly Mastermind Call: Monthly mastermind call where we bring in best in class experts for bonus trainings on marketing, sales, branding and operations.

  • Access To Smart CRM: Receive full access to our one stop shop solution Smart CRM to handle all of your software needs for your business.

  • Customer Support: 24/7 Access our customer support team for any and all of your tech/marketing needs

We Get It

You're a creator, a high performer, a brand builder. You're not just running a business; you're pioneering a legacy. That's why we've created the Smart Marketing Mastermind: An incubator of GREATNESS for small business owners and CEOs who are searching for that unique edge.

Remember when you dreamt about being your own boss, about freedom and growth? Well, the Smart Marketing Mastermind is your gateway to that reality.

It's an all-in-one marketing solution, backed by some of the finest marketing brains this side of the Milky Way.

With this service, you're not just buying a tool; you're signing up for a partnership with experts who've been there, done that, and gotten the t-shirt (and the ROI) to prove it.

Imagine not having to decipher cryptic Facebook ad practices or figuring out the latest social media fad. 

Think about what you could do with the time saved from not having to juggle ten different tools for ten different things and make sure they all talk to each other.

A day where your business grows while you focus on your passion, now that's a day well spent!

With Smart Marketing Mastermind, you get more than a tool; you get a team — a team who’s always down for a good time, and is equally committed to getting you results.

From lead generation to lead nurturing, from profit maximization to reputation management, we've got you covered.

We help you engage with your customers where they are, in a way that feels personal and real. We're about building relationships, not just databases.

You'll be able to send tailored messages that feel like friendly chats, not sterile sales pitches. You’ll have every tool you need at your fingertips, but more importantly, you’ll have the backing of our team.

Smart Marketing Mastermind also comes equipped with a feature for internal team collaboration and task sharing. Because we know that while you're out there breaking boundaries, you're not doing it alone. Your team is your tribe, and we're here to ensure you all stay connected. In this increasingly digital world, your reputation is your most valuable asset. 

With our CRM, you can keep track of online reviews, respond to customer feedback and stay on top of your social media presence, ensuring your business reputation remains untarnished.

Now, this isn't some magic potion or silver bullet. You've got to be committed to your growth, ready to take the plunge.

But remember, with Smart Marketing by your side, you're not just signing up for a service; you're joining a community, a mastermind group that thrives on collective wisdom and camaraderie.

So, are you ready to trade late nights wrestling with tech for a life of freedom? Ready to see your business grow without selling your soul to the digital marketing devil?

Then step into our world of Smart Marketing. Your future self will thank you.


The 60 Day Sprint Bootcamp


Smart Marketing CRM Overview

  • Powerful Smart Marketing CRM: Features and capabilities overview.

  • Enhanced Business Management: Streamlined campaigns, improved sales tracking.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation and utilization of Smart Marketing CRM.

  • Seamless Integration: Expand possibilities with integrated tools and systems.


Clarity Training

  • Marketing Clarity: Gain a clear understanding of effective marketing strategies.

  • Target Audience Alignment: Align your marketing message with your ideal customers.

  • Clear Brand Messaging: Develop a concise and compelling brand message.

  • Measurement and Analytics: Utilize data to gain clarity on marketing performance.


Creating Your Funnel

  • Understand the fundamental principles of building a successful funnel.

  • Learn how to design a funnel that aligns with your customer's needs.

  • Develop compelling content to guide customers through the funnel.

  • Implement strategies to maximize conversions at each funnel stage.


Facebook Group Mastery

  • Master the art of leveraging Facebook groups for marketing.

  • Learn how to cultivate an engaged and loyal Facebook group community.

  • Develop compelling content to foster interaction and engagement within your Facebook group.

  • Explore effective ways to monetize your Facebook group and generate revenue.


Creating Your Funnel

  • Learn how to create high-converting offers

  • ​Map out your info product or coaching program

  • ​Create your automated sales funnel

  • ​Add the product & order form and automate sale


FB & IG Paid Advertising

  • Fundamentals of effective Facebook and Instagram paid advertising.

  • How to target the right audience and optimize ad campaigns.

  • Developing compelling creatives and persuasive copy.

  • Strategies for measuring and optimizing paid advertising campaigns.


TikTok & YouTube Advertising

  • Master the fundamentals of TikTok and YouTube advertising.

  • Effective targeting strategies and optimizing ad campaigns.

  • Captivating and engaging content for TikTok and YouTube ads.

  • Strategies for measuring and optimizing ad campaign performance.


Time Study & Building a Life By Design

  • Learn practical techniques for studying and managing your time effectively.

  • Build a life that aligns with your values and aspirations.

  • Discover strategies and tools to enhance productivity and achieve more.

  • Explore personal growth opportunities for continuous improvement in life.


Follow Up Domination

  • Learn effective strategies to dominate your follow-up process.

  • Establish strong connections through personalized follow-up interactions.

  • Maximize conversions and sales through strategic follow-up techniques.

  • Streamline workflows with automation to improve follow-up productivity.


High Ticket Sales Training

  • Learn strategies to close lucrative sales.

  • Discover proven methods for selling high-ticket products.

  • Develop strong connections for driving high-ticket sales.

  • Craft compelling offers to justify high-ticket prices.

Real-life results and revenue

See how companies like yours have smashed their sales success goals

See How We're Making a Difference

Our Members Speak About Their Journey with Smart Marketing Mastermind

Lyndsey Monahan

Founder and CEO, Women Inspire Wealth

Rob Cressy

Coach, Cressy Creating


Ready-to-use, easy-to-implement funnel templates designed for various businesses and offerings


Eliminate all the other excessive software You're already paying too much for, once and for all

Envision the productivity boost you'll experience by eliminating the technical concerns and being able to devote your full attention to serving your customers.

Moreover, consider the significant cost savings achieved by consolidating all your monthly software subscriptions into a single fee of $297 per month.

With this streamlined approach, you can operate a business capable of generating $10,000 to $100,000 or more per month.


Everything you need to grow your business in 1 robust solution


Create your website and instantly stand out with a professional modern design.

Sales funnels

Launch all your sales funnels with order forms, upsell pages and automated follow up.


Write and publish blog posts that rank on Google to increase your site traffic for free.


Automate your workflows, delivery and follow up systems in one place.

Pipelines & CRM

Manage your leads and scale with predictability with the pipeline and CRM feature.


Create your calendar, set your availability and start booking more calls to close more deals.

Forms & Surveys

Create your lead forms, application forms, onboarding forms in 1 simple place.

Online Courses

Launch your own courses so you can scale without trading time for money.


Time to cancel your expensive tools and just use Smart Marketing


Here's everything you get

You'll Also Get...

  • Collective Wisdom: Connect, Network & Mastermind With Other Business Owners From All Across The Globe..

  • Weekly Marketing Ramp Up Calls: Weekly coaching calls focused on proven marketing/sales strategies you can implement into your business IMMEDIATELY!

  • Weekly Smart Labs Calls: Weekly coaching calls on all things TECH related when it comes to marketing, scaling and automating.

  • Monthly Mastermind Call: Monthly mastermind call where we bring in best in class experts for bonus trainings on marketing, sales, branding and operations.

  • Customer Support: 24/7 Access our customer support team for any and all of your tech/marketing needs.

Free Access To Our Smart CRM (valued at $97 per month), which includes

  • Unlimited websites

  • ​Unlimited funnels

  • ​Unlimited automations

  • ​Unlimited forms

  • ​Unlimited surveys

  • ​Unlimited calendars

  • ​Unlimited pipelines

  • ​Unlimited leads

  • ​Unlimited courses

  • ​A/B split testing

  • 2 live group coaching sessions each week

  • ​And much more

Today Only: $297/m


Frequently asked questions

Why is Smart Marketing different than any other funnel, website, or CRM software?

Excellent question! At Smart Shark we believe there's 3 things you need to be successful: The tools, the trainings and the proven templates. As a team who have been in this game for years and worked with plenty of big names in the industry, we've seen what works and what doesn't. So not only are we able to offer a great software where you can run your entire business in a single platform, we're also able to support you with trainings, templates and our exclusive Smart Marketing Community.

Is SM a white label of HighLevel?

Excellent question. Smart Marketing CRM is constructed upon a well-established framework known as HighLevel (GHL), which has experienced remarkable growth in recent years.

Our decision to collaborate with GHL was driven by their unwavering commitment to product development, consistently prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of their users.Unlike some software companies that rely on exaggerated marketing tactics, GHL focuses on delivering a comprehensive, all-in-one platform that empowers businesses to operate seamlessly.

This genuine dedication to providing a superior solution has garnered widespread acclaim and has resonated with users seeking a more efficient and effective means to manage their entire business.

What if I get stuck or need help with something?

We totally understand that tech can be an issue sometimes, so we wouldn't expect you to manage everything yourself.

Our support team is here to help whenever you need help with something, as well as the Smart Marketing Official Facebook Group where you can post any questions and get instant clarity on all things SM.

We also have weekly open hours where you can ask your questions and get support directly from the Smart Marketing CEO & team.

For further questions, email us at support@thesmartshark.com.

What is the 60 Day Business Sprint Bootcamp?

Introducing the groundbreaking Smart Marketing 60 Day Sprint Bootcamp, a comprehensive program designed exclusively for Smart Marketing Members. This unique bootcamp offers invaluable trainings that guide you through the essential "what" and "how to" steps, meticulously outlining the optimal order for launching or scaling your business to impressive six to seven figures.

With our proven "funnel ecosystem" frameworks, you'll gain the knowledge and strategies necessary for success. What sets this bootcamp apart is our hands-on approach - we'll be there every step of the way, launching your funnels alongside you throughout the duration of the program.

Additionally, the moment you create your account, you'll gain instant access to a wealth of instructional videos, ensuring you can dive right into the materials and commence your transformative journey.

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